University of South Wales Chaplaincy Team

Rev Vaughan Rees

Rev Vaughan Rees is the Director of Chaplaincy Services and the University of South Wales Chaplain. He is released by the Covenanting Churches in Wales (Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and United Reformed Churches) and is appointed in partnership between these churches and the University of South Wales for this work. He has worked in local pastorates in England and Wales and in regional church leadership. He is committed to ecumenical work and dialogue and understanding between faiths.

Shereen Williams

Shereen Williams is a Honorary Chaplain

Rev Ray Vincent

Rev Ray Vincent is the Senior Chaplain. After serving as a Student Chaplain in London and work with the Student Christian Movement, he had pastorates in South Wales and in a United Church in East London. He has now retired and works at the Chaplaincy as a volunteer and on a sessional basis.

James Karran

James Karran is an Associate Chaplain, a Baptist minister and leader of Llan, a 'new monastic’ community based in The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff. Previous to this he was associate minister of Ararat Baptist Church, Cardiff and ran a 'pub church’ called Solace that met in various pubs and bars around Cardiff city centre. He has a passionate interest in Celtic church history.


Allan Davies-Hale

Allan Davies-Hale is the parish priest of St Dyfrigs Church and is a sessional Associate Chaplain (Roman Catholic).

Matthew McDonald

Matthew McDonald is the Chaplaincy’s Officer Administrator.

Jan Harris

Jan is an Elder at the local United Reformed Church. Until retirement she worked as a clerical officer with the NHS. She currently volunteers at the Chaplaincy on a regular basis.

Faith Advisors:

The Chaplaincy is also grateful for the support and partnership of a team of faith advisors who attend the campuses periodically and are always available to offer advice.

  • Buddhist: Keith Hackwood
  • Buddhist: Nick Swann
  • Jewish: Colin Hayman
  • Jewish: Rabbi Rose
  • Hindu: Soam Sharma