The Meeting House Group

The Meeting House Group is open to all students, of every faith and none. It has three aims:

• to encourage students to engage in goodwill projects which benefit others, both within the University of South Wales and further afield
• to encourage students from different backgrounds to build strong and genuine relationships with each other through social activities and other events, and to encourage greater mutual understanding between people of different beliefs
• to improve engagement between students and the local community

In the past, the Meeting House group, together with the Chaplaincy team, have organised a number of events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, film and karaoke nights, and open discussions on topics related to different cultures, people and societies.

It is sponsored and supported by the Chaplaincy and meets regularly at the Meeting House. All members of the group are committed to respecting the beliefs and opinions of others and treating them with courtesy and respect at all times.

If you are on facebook, you can join The 'Meeting House Group’ online.