About the Chaplaincy

Whether you are a student at the Pontypridd, Cardiff or Newport City campus, Chaplaincy is available to you as an open and affirming service. We welcome all people into full participation regardless of race, colour, gender, age, nationality, economic circumstances, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability or emotional condition. 

People come in all shapes and sizes and the University of South Wales is a rich tapestry of many different cultures. We are about enabling people to meet one another and creating community.While rooted in the Christian tradition, we respect everyone’s faith and we respect the thinking and exploration of those who are not committed to any faith.

Faith, Culture, Gender or Sexual Orientation

Chaplaincy at the University of South Wales is an open and inclusive service to the whole community. It offers confidential and non-judgmental support to staff and students irrespective of faith, culture, gender or sexual orientation. Embracing diversity is a fundamental principle of the Chaplaincy’s ethos. If you need to talk to someone about dealing with your sexuality or the reaction of others to it, problems about coming out, etc., we promise to respect you as you are and do our very best to support you.

The Chaplaincy offers:

  • a friendly welcome: call in at The Meeting House, or contact us any time by e-mail or phone
  • a listening ear: you are welcome to talk confidentially with a Chaplain about any problems, ethical dilemmas, uncertainties and life questions you may have. There is no need to wait for a crisis to happen – come and have a chat at any time. We promise to listen without judging, help whenever we can, and make every effort to be there for you when you need us.
  • information about faith groups: you can call us with enquiries about places of worship in the University vicinity or to find shops and outlets catering for religious needs.
  • the Meeting House: the Chaplaincy’s home on the Treforest campus and the centre for much of its activities. It is a place to relax, to sit quietly or to arrange parties, events and meetings with friends
  • opportunities for worship: are arranged by the Chaplaincy and by different student groups from different faiths throughout the year. Whatever your faith, we are here to help you. To find out more see Practising Your Faith
  • seminars and discussion groups: the Chaplaincy and different staff and student groups arrange a variety of opportunities for people to share ideas and discuss topics. You can either join a group, start one, or suggest an idea for the Chaplaincy to consider
  • social activities: throughout the year the Chaplaincy arranges a number of fun social activities. The Meeting House also hosts many events organised by student groups. If you would like to arrange something contact the Chaplaincy. If you want to find out about upcoming events see Events
  • volunteering opportunities: as a volunteer there will be a wide range of ways in which you can become part of our team. We are constantly looking to provide exciting and fun opportunities for you to become involved in our work. To find out more see Volunteering at the Meeting House