Volunteering at the Meeting House

Chaplaincy at the Meeting House is a partnership between the churches and the University of South Wales. It is an open and inclusive service to all staff and students irrespective of religion. We believe that we play an important role in the lives of both students and staff so your work with us will make a real difference.

Chaplaincy works as a family and as a volunteer there will be a wide range of ways in which you can become part of our team. We are constantly looking to provide exciting and fun opportunities for you to become involved in our work.

This page explains some of the ways you can gain valuable experiences but we also welcome any other ideas, so please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you’re thinking.

We are very grateful for your willingness to help create a welcoming atmosphere and support our work in the Meeting House.

Volunteer Roles

Duty Managers
As Duty Manager you will be responsible for the security and safety of the building and of the users who have pre-booked rooms.

Duty Officers
As a Duty Officer you will be responsible for all Reception duties. In addition to this, you will be required to provide refreshments in the lounge and for any groups who have booked to use a room at the Meeting House and who have requested refreshments.
There may be times when your role will change to that of Duty Manager as circumstances may occur when you will be left in charge of the building whilst a member of staff has been called away.

Chaplaincy Assistants
As a Chaplaincy Assistant you will be required to assist the Duty Manager/Member of Staff on duty. You may be required to help with a diverse range of tasks but the overall responsibility of the building and its users remain that of the Duty Manager.

Areas of Work Experience

Reception duties    
Telephone enquiries    
Meet and greet

Database data entry    
Room bookings    
Store and collate photographs.    
Administer the volunteer programme

Marketing and Events
Organise student events
Support events organised by others    
Create publicity materials for events
Create posters/leaflets
Photograph events

Meet and greet
Set out and serve refreshments

Social Networking
Administer Facebook

Edit and update the Chaplaincy’s web presence

Onelan display

Create presentations for The Chaplaincy’s in-house screens