Advice for Ramadan from the Chaplaincy

Ramadhan April 2020.jpg

Observing Ramadan this year will be very different from previous years as you will not be able to access local mosques, the University of South Wales prayer facility, or take part in the communal activities that play a big part in Ramadan observances.

Chaplaincy is unable to play its usual role in supporting students' observance of Ramadan by providing hot meals each evening, but would still like to offer support in these challenging times by helping to make this period a positive one. Here is the Chaplaincy Ramadan message for 2020:

Please continue to observe social distancing and practise good hygiene to protect your health and that of your families and communities. Make sure you have nutritious food for your early morning meal and when you break your fast. Once you've broken your fast, keep yourself hydrated and get as much rest as possible.

Although you are unable to have family and friends over for meals, you can still use social media and video-conferencing apps to have virtual iftars with your loved ones.

Please see the links below for further advice about observing Ramadan during this difficult time:

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