Practising Your Faith

The University of South Wales is home to a diverse array of cultures and faith groups and the Chaplaincy encourages everyone to practice their faiths while working or studying here.

The Chaplaincy @ The Meeting House can provide support, prayer facilities and advice on religious matters to all those that look for it.

The University of South Wales also provides guidelines on Religion and Belief for both students and staff members. Should you feel that you have any issues concerning the way your timetable or academic requirements affect your religious observance please contact the Chaplaincy.

We also believe that everyone should have the freedom of exploration but we do urge you to consider the fact that some religious groups do not play as fair as others. Please take into account the religious health warning when joining new groups.

Prayer Facilities

There is always space available at the Meeting House for prayer, either individually or in groups. Feel free to call in and ask for a room, or book in advance for a group activity.

Prayer mats are available both at Glyntaff and at The Meeting House.

Anyone using these facilities should respect other users and their need for space to pray. In the event of a clash of timings please do not disturb those already using the room for prayer purposes. You should consult the University of South Wales Chaplain with any queries.

If you wish to have a place for prayer at the Atrium, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, or Merthyr College, please contact the Chaplaincy.

For information about places of worship of different faiths in the area, contact the chaplaincy.