Faith Groups on Campus

Advice to Worshippers

The Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales provides the information below in good faith, but advises anyone visiting an unfamiliar worshipping community for the first time to read our Religious Health Warning.

The Christian Union

There is a Christian Union student group, which meets weekly on and around the Treforest campus. As a group they seek to support each other and develop their faith through prayer, worship and Bible study. They aim to be faithful witnesses to Jesus’ mission of sharing good news to the world.

The Christian Union runs independently of the University of South Wales and each year its members elect a new committee to guide it for the following academic year.

Visit the Christian Union Facebook page

The Chinese Christian Fellowship

Visit the Chinese Christian Fellowship website.

The Islamic Society

Visit the Islamic Society Facebook Page.

Other Faith Groups

The following groups also gather at the Meeting House:

  • Wells of Salvation
  • Christian Heir Fellowship
  • Believers Love World Campus Ministry

Further details about these groups can be obtained from the Chaplaincy.