Relaxation and Stress Relief

Life at University can be stressful, with deadlines, exams, relationships, the business of coping with life in a new environment away from home. Progress in your studies is greatly improved if you are at ease with yourself and your world. Helping you to achieve this is a priority of the Chaplaincy, and we offer different ways of doing it.

The Reflection Room

There is a quiet, secluded room at the Meeting House where you are always welcome to sit. Just come in and ask for the Reflection Room.

There are Prayer and reflection rooms on all campuses.

Talk in Confidence

The Chaplains are always available for a private, confidential talk at any time. All you need to do is ask.

We promise: not to judge you; to respect and value what is important to you; to recognise that your home life and relationships have an important bearing on your University life; and to do all we can to see you when you need to see us.

But you don’t have to wait for a crisis to happen. Come and see us any time to talk about any issue that bothers you.

A Quiet Place to Work

There are always rooms in the Meeting House where you can find a quiet corner to do some work. Just come in and ask. 

The building is fully equipped with WiFi. 

Tranquillity Zone: A space for tranquillity in the midst of busyness

USW Chaplaincy invites you to experience our Tranquillity Zone, to help you discover peace and tranquillity in the midst of a hectic working week. It offers an opportunity to let go of stresses and strains and to reflect, meditate, or simply ‘be’ in an atmosphere of peaceful serenity. Suitable for everyone, regardless of personal belief or religion.

Guided Meditation

Short guided meditations are offered by the Chaplaincy from time to time. Please speak with a Chaplain if you would like to experience them. 
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